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        About Us

         Tongling Miraclel Mechancial Equipmen Co.,Ltd(TMMEC) is located close to yangzi river tongling city in the province of anhui.Which has a name of china's ancient bronze capital.Tongling adjoins the scenic mountain huang and mountain jiuhua of buddhism holy lands.the transportation access is very convenient due to strategic location of the manufacturing plant ,where railroad,and river transportation can be used. 


        Add:economical&technical development zone,tongling city,anhui proc.,prc 
        Post code:244061
        Tel: +86562-2686185
        Fax: +86562-2686167

          皖公網(wǎng)安備 34070202000413號     備案號:皖I(lǐng)CP備07006378號  
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